Job Description

Job Title: Quality Inspector

Department: Quality / Production

Reports to: Quality Manager

Your main purpose is:

To assist the Quality department by conducting the required inspection of manufactured products, purchased products, subassemblies or finished components according to company required standards.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

_Inspecting manufactured items both during the manufacturing process and on completion of manufacture before the items are delivered to customers, including dimensional / paint thicknesses / Gloss Levels.
_Carrying out component inspection using a selection of manual measuring equipment as well as Faro Arm.
_To process first-off inspection components in an efficient manner, in order to determine if the product meets approved design data and quality control requirements.
_Assist in the completion of FAI reports as required.
_Complete the required inspection and process records and management records required by the Company
_Conduct Goods receiving inspection of items that require inspection and notification of products unsuitable for processing.
_Raise Non-Conformance reports for products that don't conform to specification and register each NCR for subsequent analysis.
_Managing Customer returns by means of inspection reports raising NCR and recording on the company data base.
_Conduct final product inspection, ensuring all process stages have been duly signed off and record the specific finishing sizes and paint thicknesses / Gloss Levels for all products.
_Ensure all measuring equipment is maintained in line with the calibration system.
_Assist management in maintaining production output to match customers' requirements
_Assist management in removing obstacles that prevents the smooth operation of the business.
_Assist in the training of works personnel.

Previous experience

_Ability to use and maintain all the Companies measuring equipment (Vernier callipers, height gauges, Faro Arm etc)
_Ability to read and understand engineering drawings and specifications
_Sound understanding of inspection techniques for measuring fabrications and welded parts
_Knowledge of the ISO 9001 quality policies and system requirements.
_Knowledge of health & safety and environmental procedures
_Understanding of the Companies main objectives and supervisor's contribution.
_Understanding of the actions to be taken when product or process problems arise.
_Knowledge of safe lifting and slinging, including manual handling.
_Must have previous quality inspector experience


_Able to work well on one's own as well as in a team
_Initiative and problem-solving abilities
_Communications skills that enable process obstacles to be discussed with management & customers.
_Willingness to learn new skills
_The successful candidate must have a can-do attitude, the ability to work well under pressure and be able to multi-task
_Conversant with Microsoft systems such as outlook, word & excel etc


_Bike to work scheme
_Company pension
_On-site parking


Quality Inspector: 2 years (preferred)

You have a responsibility under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to take reasonable care of yourself and other persons that may be affected by your acts or omissions at work, secure the health, safety, and welfare of your staff at work and protect, so far as is reasonably practicable, all others against risks to their health or safety arising from your work activities and those of their staff and ensure that your duties are discharged adequately. The responsibility to achieve the duty cannot be delegated. The tasks required to discharge them can be delegated; assistance and support can be obtained; but the responsibility remains with you
Safety must always be a prime consideration and you are required to ensure that the safety of people, the environment and our products are never compromised.