Job Description

1.To ensure that all plant and equipment is maintained and operated correctly in a safe and efficient condition and that all repair and maintenance works are carried out in the most effective manner.

2.To devise, implement, participate in and maintain records of planned routine/preventative maintenance and repair programmes for equipment and plant.

3.Carry out preventive maintenance.

4.Investigate equipment failures and rectify defects in a timely manner.

5.To implement an effective minor repairs and defects rectification system.

6.To ensure the provision and security of materials, tools and equipment appropriate to the needs of the maintenance department.

7.Plan, resource, and supervise shut-down maintenance.

8.To co-ordinate and control the work carried out by external agencies and private contractors in the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.

9.To assist in the instruction of other appropriate staff in the daily operation of all associated plant and machinery.

10.Ensure all safety devices are properly maintained and regularly tested.

11.Ensure the availability of essential spares.

12.It is essential that you have regard to your responsibilities under the terms of the Company's Health and Safety Policy. You must always adopt the safe working practices described in the relevant Codes

13.of Practice and adhere to other guidance and instructions which you may receive from time to time in respect of Health and Safety.

14.Any other duties which may reasonably be required.